GT или Formula

Меняй посадку с помощью специального апгрейда

Линейка этого года собрала лучшее в мире профессинального симрейсинга, как по функционалу, так по и внешнему виду. Про надежность мы уже не говорим. Наши кокпиты - вечные.
Formula Kit

Абсолютный комфорт

Легко садиться и вставать. Идеальная и уверенная посадка

Ощущаешь себя на своем месте. Аксессуары можно расположить как слева, так и справа. Расстояние до экрана настраивается индивидуально.


Recommended user Height/Weight – min 120cm, max 220cm (min 4′, max 7’2″) / no limit on weight.
A 1425 mm (56.1")
B 1425 mm - 1750 mm (56.1" x 68.9")
C H 210 mm - 310 mm (8.3" x 12.2")
D ±150 mm travel (±5.9")
E H 915mm (36")
F 210 mm (8.3") ±15 mm (0.6")
G H 490 mm - 880 mm (19.3" x 34.6")
H H 1140 mm - 1240 mm (44.9" x 48.8")
I H 50 mm (2") ±15 mm (±0.6")
J W 710 mm (28")
K W 580 mm (22.8")
L W 660 mm (26")
M W 580 mm (22.8")
N W 500 mm (19.7")
O W 760 mm (29.9")
P W 460 mm (18.1")
Q W 925 mm (36.4")
R W 500 mm (19.7")
S Angle 0°-18°
T Angle 0°-25°
Check out the most common dimensions. Still have questions?
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Идеальная эргономика
Для длительных гонок
Как выглядит кокпит в разборе?
RSEAT A1-160 GT Chassis including all Aluminum Profiles, Pedals Tray with heel support, seat side mount brackets, double locking seat sliders, adjustable leveling Feet Kit, HPDC L-Brackets, mounting hardware and profile end caps. Universal wheelbase mount support to attach any wheelbase (bottom and front mount wheelbase support included).
Tool Box
All tools and hardware required for the assembly and adjustment of our cockpits. Tools and hardware to mount steering wheelbase, pedals, seat are provided.
No.4 Hex Key
No.5 Hex Key
No.6 Hex Key
No.14 Wrench
Additional Bolts
Spare T-Nuts
*Specifications are subject to change without notice. In case of unexpected supply-side impacts, we will offer components of equivalent or better capabilities.
Our cockpits are designed for self-assembly in 4 steps, with everything you need included. Time required 45–120 minutes. A detailed user manual is provided for each step of the process.
Optional Features

A1-160 GT Chassis Optional Add-ins

  • A1 PC Tray
  • A1 Shifter Mount
  • A1 Buttonbox Mount
  • A1 Keyboard Tray
  • A1 Mouse Tray

A1-160 GT TV / Monitor Stand Options

  • A1-SX55 Single Screen on chassis TV / Monitor Stand
  • A1-TX32 Triple Screen on chassis TV / Monitor Stand
  • SX90V2 Single screen stand-alone TV/Monitor Stand for 27 – 90 Inch TV / Monitors.
  • TX43 Triple stand-alone TV / Monitor stand for up to 3 x 43 Inch TV / Monitors

A1-160 GT  Seats Options

  • RSEAT GT Seat
  • Sparco® EVO XL seat
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